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“Gestalt has transformed my work and my life. I now respond rather thandiagnose. I work with curiosity and experimentation rather than judgement.  I use my presence to hold the space and support the unfolding of lasting transformational change through dialogue instead of having a rigid plan. In these turbulent times Gestalt brings humanity to organisational change.”

Maggie Marriott, Enki Consultants, United Kingdom

“The reason I favour a Gestalt approach to organizational change is simple – it takes into account the needs of everyone affected by the change, especially the workforce. I believe organizational change is only possible when people feel heard and supported.”

Timothy P. Nash, Development Coaching & Consulting, Germany

"Any organization is a field where you have to build a new ground supporting  people to become aware of their power and value. The Gestalt approach  in my organisation has been very  powerful. Working with presence and being supportive is the key for changing the whole field."

Arianna Marchetti, CEO Officine Marchetti s.p.a., Italy

Findhorn is all about transformation; a place of learning and experimenting, co-creating with the intelligence of the whole ecology of life.

We elected to work with an Organisational Gestalt specialist to support us clarifying what we offer to the world and how we live our purpose and values.

The gestalt approach has provided an invaluable frame – holistic , dialogic and inclusive that has positively impacted across the whole organisation and has enhanced my personal effectiveness as a leader, manager and supervisor.

Caroline Matters, Human Resources Manager, Findhorn Foundation, United Kingdom.

Gestalt training taught me a lot about creating the conditions for people's talents and attitudes to emerge within organisations. By adding this new focus my consultancy work became much more appealing and effective.

Piergiulio Poli, Talent & Career Expert, Italy


"Theory and practice of Gestalt is offering us the perfect mode to be present in the here-and-now of the situation of an organization.

Starting from what ‘is’, we connect figure and ground of this amazing reality.

By living the present, we are able to process the past, and proceed toward the next step in attaining future goals."

Marianne De Wulf, IVC, in company training and consulting.

"A GPO has an added value in organisations by expressing his vision on the growth and evolution of the employees. He reinforces the awareness on individual being, functioning and the connection within the organisation. Thanks to this viewpoint, the employee’s personal development is linked to his professional actions."

Stiene Deseyn, IVC, in company training and consulting.

"As a gestalt practitioner, I want to help team members to give the right words to “what is” and to share this with one another. From there on, we will work together

-         to figure out the needs of each individual team member, the team and the organization

-         to improve the quality of group communication and interaction

-         to assist individual team members to grow, develop and fulfil their potential"

Annemie Celis, IVC, in company training and consulting.




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