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Gestalt therapy is a way of understanding and describing human experience so as to maximize awareness of creative possibilities. The foundations for this approach were presented in ‘Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality’, by Perls F., Hefferline R.F., Goodman P., 1951.Gestalt Therapy essentially offers support for the process of contacting and so creatively and aesthetically promotes awareness, presence and growth.There are many fields for its application: individual- and group development, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and psychiatry, organisations, arts, education, social and political activism.In the EAGT there are two professional sections: 




General Meeting of Members 

In the Newsletter edition sent in May the extra ordinary General Meeting of Members on September 12 was announced. The first online GMM in EAGT history needs a different organisational approach and we are working hard making this possible. 

The main purpose of this extra ordinary GMM is to guarantee the functioning of the organisation and continuing the work of the Committees. Voting therefore takes a central place in the meeting.

There will be voted on financial matters and the candidates for the different positions will be elected.  

The meetings will be held in Microsoft Teams and for the online voting and registration we have a tool at https://member.eagt.org/tr_app1/H_Home.php    Follow link or copy link to your browser.  

Due to the nature of voting, this application requires a username and password. The username is your private email registered with EAGT, and the password is sent to you in a separate email.

Activity schedule:

From today until 9th of August 2020 you can test the online voting and registration.  (Please login, register for the test event, and vote on some of the test ballots. There is also a ballot where you can express your opinion about the system) If you have problems, please contact us.  If you are to be proxy for other members, now is the time to send documentation to info@eagt.org.  

From 10th of August to 6th of September 2020, you can register for the planned GMM that will be held online from 09:30 CET 12th of September 2020, and we will send you a reminder …

In week 37 from 7th September we will invite registered users to join meetings, and guide users into the system, so that nobody is prevented from joining the meeting due to technical problems.

The https://member.eagt.org/tr_app1/H_Home.php    application also contains links to necessary information like the agenda, reports of the committee chairs and applications. For now, the libraries linked in from EAGT Office to the new application are empty, but as we receive reports and applications etc. the libraries will be populated.  For questions related to application contact admin@eagt.org , other questions related to GMM to info@eagt.org .

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll…
You'll never walk alone

 As socially oriented therapists we all follow the sad news about the democratic and humanitarian crisis in Belarus. We are deeply shocked at the violation of human rights, democratic principles and the violence and torture by the Belarus’ government against its own inhabitants. We have ...

Here you can find the complete text




To: President von derLeyen, EU Commission, Mr Charles Michel, President of the EuropeanCouncil, MsParaskeviMichou, Directorate-General for EuropeanCivilProtection and HumanitarianAid, Mr Janez Lenarčič, CommissionerCrisis management, EU Member States

Athens, August 17th. 2020


The European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and its Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee closely follows the dramatic developments in Belarus. We are deeply shocked at the violation of human rights, democratic principles and the violence and torture by the Belarus ‘government against its own inhabitants. The current crisis resulting from the total falsification of the election results is a horrible low point for 26 years of dictatorship in the person of Alexander Lukashenko.

 Here you can find the complete letter


Spring 2020 Newsletter 


Vacancy for Secretary   ..  Vacancy for EAGT NOGT/External relations officer  ...We are looking for new members to join the
Human Rights & Social Responsibility Committee   ......  We a re looking for a new member of the Research Committee  .... We are looking for four new members to join the  Professional Competencies and Qualitative Standards Committee   .....


Message From EC 
As the world is turned upside down at least here in Europe and beyond, we want to connect with you as a sign of stability and continuity.
EAGT has been founded to support each other and to connect Gestalt colleagues around the world.
What is needed now is a big capacity for creative adjustments to the situation that neither of us has ever experienced before. Our societies, personal relations to friends and families as well as the heart of our modality – personal contact- to our clients seem to be disrupted.
The situation in different European countries and beyond is quite different, but still all of us are affected and have to adjust to new forms of contact by being distant and at the same time connected. 
EAGT provided a beautiful example of this attitude when we moved our March meetings from the Netherlands to an online platform well in advance before national governments even reacted- this still makes me very proud of our organization and is a sign of our ability to creatively adjust, sense into the future; to be in the present moment and at the same time develo.... 


   Letters to all members Read On     ..... 


Stay well, take care of yourself and by this also of others, 

With warm wishes until we can be in the presence of each other again,

The EC of EAGT




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