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What are the benefits of an EAGT- GPO Accreditation?

The EAGT is a European wide organisation that promotes the application of Gestalt Theory and Practice to various contexts. In particular, via the GPO, it works towards the development and strengthening of the application of Organisational Gestalt theory and professional practice in organisations.
By joining you become part of an international gestalt community that represents and supports excellence in professional organisational development work. We’d love to have you as a member.
Being an EAGT-GPO Member comes with key benefits:

  • High standards (offered through the GPO Code of Ethics and key competencies)
  • A unique set of credentials reflecting a training as a gestalt practitioner in organisations
  • A community of professionals across various countries
  • An opportunity to contribute and have access to workshops and lectures for professional development through the EAGT conferences.
  • Visibility about your professional level in the GPO field

How to become an EAGT-GPO Member?

Generally a combination of three specific elements is required prior to accreditation as an EAGT-GPO member. The three elements are:

  • Element 1: Appropriate training with an Institute that supports the EAGT GPO accreditation in order to gain accredited training hours. Generally candidates require two years training although accelerated programmes are sometimes available
  • Element 2: Experience of practice, both in Organisations generally and specifically as a Trainee Gestalt Organisational Practitioner. Supervision may assist application of training/theory to practice. At least 5 years organisational experience is required with at least two years of this being specifically applying gestalt theory to aspects of organisational practice
  • Element 3: Development of theoretical understanding and knowledge via reading, discussion, peer study and training and evidence of this, together with application to organisational practice, via a written piece of assessed work. This written work must have been assessed by an accredited GPO member.

These three elements combine to enable individuals to accredit via the Grand-parenting Route. Occasionally this will involve individuals being mentored /supervised for all three elements within an Institute, but most commonly individuals will follow an individualised process as described below.

Individualised Grand-parenting Route

Individuals may grand-parent into the accreditation through the following procedure:

  1. Presentation of a portfolio of education, knowledge, development and experience in working with the Gestalt approach in organizations (at least two years of experience is required). In the process of making the portfolio mentoring is provided. The mentor decides whether the portfolio is complete enough to enter the second phase (peer group).
  2. The portfolio is presented during the peer group meeting. This peer group is conducted by the GPO committee of the EAGT and includes at least 4 people working as peers.

During the peer group meeting, each candidate presents her/his portfolio and will be questioned and evaluated by the other peer group members. At the end of the meeting, the supervisors/mentors of the peer group will decide whether to nominate the members for certification or not. The final decision lies with the EAGT supervisors/mentors and not the peer process.

Individualised Grand-parenting route: PROCESS

  • A person who wants to become a GPO member informs the office of the EAGT that s/he is interested in being certified as a GPO;
  • The office manager will inform her/him about the procedure, including the requirements of a dossier/portfolio and the process of the peer group meeting;
  • If there are enough candidates (at least 4) to set up a peer group meeting in the region of the candidate, the office manager will contact the GPO committee about the request and they will appoint a mentor and a certifier to perform the procedures;
  • After the application is sent (to the office of EAGT) a candidate will receive an invoice for € 100, (registration fee)
  • The candidates will be directed to the appointed mentor for support during the preparations for the peer group meeting;
  • The certifier will discuss with the mentor and the candidates, a possible time schedule for the procedure;
  • In the process of making the dossier, the individual candidate will be guided by the mentor;
  • The mentor decides whether the dossier fulfils the criteria to present it in the peer group;
  • If enough candidates (at least 4) are ready for a peer group meeting, the certifier will be informed and together they will decide for a date for the meeting;
  • The completed dossiers, including all attachments, have to be sent to the office of EAGT at least one month before the meeting. The office manager will take care of forwarding these dossiers to the certifier and all other Peer group members, at the latest, three weeks before the meeting;
  • During the peer group meeting the dossiers will be discussed according to the agreed procedures;
  • At the end of the meeting, each of the other members gives feedback (strengths and tracks of progress), and how, in their opinion, the candidate showed his/her way of practising Gestalt in Organizations. This should be offered in connexion with the four criteria :
  • S/he works with awareness of the present situation;
  • S/he uses her/himself as an instrument;
  • S/he focus on the process to achieve an effective, long lasting result;
  • S/he makes the implicit, hidden processes, explicit and visible; in that way s/he enables deeper understanding
  • After the meeting the certifier, together with the mentor will take a final decision on whether or not to certify the members.
  • After that the certifier will inform the peer group members, the EAGT office and GPO committee about the results of the peer group meeting;

For more information, please consult the GPO handbook (link to handbook on resource page) and/or contact

EAGT office
Wilma Trip
Skulebakken 22
3760 Neslandsvatn

Email: wilma.trip@eagt.org 







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