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The EAGT was founded in 1985, with the key aim of promoting Gestalt therapy in Europe, fostering high professional standards and encouraging research. Since 2002, EAGT has expanded to include all Gestalt practitioners particularly those specialising in work with the Gestalt approach in organizations (GPO) as leaders/managers, consultants, coaches, supervisors, trainers etc.

What is a Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations (GPO)?

GPO stands for Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, and is an EAGT awarded accreditation recognising professionals who have extensively studied organisational approaches and apply Gestalt in their work as leaders/ managers, consultants, coaches, supervisors, trainers etc.

Some main characteristics of a GPO practitioner:

  • Enables and teaches the client system those skills necessary for optimal functioning in carrying out the goals and tasks of the organisation
  • Uses him or herself as an instrument to facilitate organisational change
  • Focuses on a range of processes, as well as technical and strategic issues, to achieve effective, long lasting results
  • Aims to make implicit, hidden processes more explicit and visible in that way enables deeper understanding of complex issues
  • Facilitates improved contact between members of the client system.
  • Scrutinises relationships, structures and strategies to develop support for desired change
  • Focuses on creative, innovative, embodied, safe and ethical practice.
  • Assists the client system to achieve heightened awareness of its process in completing units of work in order to achieve closure around problems and unfinished business.


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