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It’s with pleasure I forward, on behalf of newsletter@eagt.org, the newest Newsletter from our  folder new download section of documents from backoffice.   

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But that’s enough about it ,  here comes  file 01 Intro_spring 2020_fv.docx by Astrid Dusendschön and Michele Cannavò.  

(some but not all articles are highlighted)

Enjoy …  Admin  


We are happy to introduce you to the Spring Newsletter and through this means, to also share regular update information on the activities of our association, as well as how some of us experience this very unique worldwide sanitary context. This edition is an island for us to meet and share our concerns. Thank you as never before, everyone (editorial staff, members, etc) for the effort made, for the concentration and dedication. 


If our EAGT community is familiar with physical distancing as we are spread all over Europe and the world and have seldom occasions to physically meet these last months, we all radically lived physical distancing in our lives, due to the more or less large lockdowns the context of the countries we live in required us to follow. 

This physical distancing showed an inverse relationship in keeping contacts through the outbreak of techni­cal means, being this for personal and/or professional reasons. Our contacting habits and schemes have been shaken as we have been invited to unfold our creativity face to the worldwide uncertainty and powerlessness. We had the opportunity to contact each other and create a network to tell our stories. 


The many authors that have contributed to this newsletter witness their experience and we deeply thank them for that.

In the updated information on activities and commissions of our association, please note that Beatrix Wimmer contributes with her last letter as President – and this does touch us:  “Fair winds and safe sailing to you, Madam are we to wish her, as well as  “thank you and: keep in touch”. 


Back to our founders, you will also find in our Spring  issue a contribution of Nancy Amendt-Lyon on Laura Perls, as well as one by Jean-Marie Robine about Fritz Perls’ late typescript that has been published recently... plus a recent interview of Perls...


Always wanted to get a glimpse into the backstage   Thomas Reistad allows us to look into the “machinery” of up to 10.000 (!) automatically generated emails per year to our members functions – and some hints as to make this work as smooth as possible for us all.

Alessandra Merizzi witnesses what she calls her “parallel experience” of the Covid-19 context. We could paraphrase one of Sting’s song titles as “I’m an Italian in the UK”... 


Astrid Dusendschön, just this once, invites three colleagues from New York, Manchester and Stockholm to share their lockdown experience in her “Astrid’s Interview” section.      


     And Michele Cannavò opens his soul and, in a poetic and vibrant form, leaves it speak for itself – and may be for yours, and yours, and yours.. 

Curious? Enjoy the reading! We enjoyed creating this Spring newsletter for our community!

We are network, we are filter, we are oxygen. Wishing you, us from the depth of our souls a Good Summer of possible contacts.

A fourhanded creation by Astrid Dusendschön and Michele Cannavò.  



Designed by Jaroslav Jira