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Below you will find links to Gestalt Psychotherapy websites:

Gestalt International Study Center http://www.gisc.org
Gestalt Therapy Page http://www.gestalt.org
The Gestalt Therapy Network http://www.gestalttherapy.net
Psychotherapy Australia http://www.psychotherapy.com.au
Society for Psychotherapy Integration http://sepiweb.org
Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy http://www.aagt.org
Gestalt Australia and New Zealand http://www.ganz.org.au
V. Daniel’s Gestalt Site at Sanoma University hyperlink
A network for Gestalt Therapy http://gestaltnet.net/
Pages of Société Française de Gestalt http://gestalt-therapie.org
Collège Européen de Gestalt-thérapie http://www.cegt.org

Below you will find links to Gestalt Journals:

National scientific journals in native language:   
The British Gestalt Journal http://www.britishgestaltjournal.com
European for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy http://www.europeanresearchjournal.com 
Quaderni di Gestalt hyperlink
Les Cahiers de Gestalt-Thérapie https://www.exprimerie.fr/?-Cahiers-de-Gestalt-therapy-
Newsletter of NOGTs in native language:  
Lithuanian NOGT LGA http://www.lga-gestalt.lt
Swiss NOGT SVG hyperlink
Norwegian NOGT NGF http://www.gestalt.no/index.asp?id=26128 
Italian NOGT SIPG http://www.sipg.it/newsletter/newsletter_tutte.htm
Norwegian NOGT NGF hyperlink
Norsk Gestalttidsskrift http://www.gestalt.no/index.asp?id=26128
German NOGT http://www.zeitschrift-gestalttherapie.de/
International English scientific journals:  
Gestalt Review http://www.GestaltReview.org
GTK Online Journal http://www.gestalt.org/news
The Online Journal for Gestalt Therapy http://www.studies-in-gestalt.org/mission.htm
Studies in Gestalt Therapy – Dialogical Bridges   https://www.gestaltitaly.com/studies-gestalt-therapy/    

Below you will find links to Gestalt Books:

Gestalt Journal Press http://www.gjpstore.com
Book “therapie der gefühle“ http://www.therapie-der-gefuehle.de
Gestalt Therapy Book Series 


Below you will find links Gestalt Research:

Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies http://www.experiential-researchers.org
Society for Psychotherapy Research http://www.psychotherapyresearch.org
Gestalt Research Press http://www.gestaltresearchpress.org

Below you will find links about Gestalt Therapy books to buy:

American Book Center http://www.abc.nl/search/results.php
Proxis hyperlink
Amazon.com  hyperlink
Gestalt Journal Press Bookstore  http://www.gjpstore.com/Books_1.html 
GIC Bookstore http://www.gestaltcleveland.org/bookstore.php
Questia hyperlink

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