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Our office gathers a collection of Gestalt therapy bibliography from every country, as well as curriculums of training programs of Institute members. This work constitutes the archives of European literature and training Institutes in the field of Gestalt therapy.

At the Members‘ Meeting of the EAGT held in July 1999 in Vienna it was proposed to compile a list of all publications on Gestalt therapy in every European country. Delegates of the General Board compile a list of books, articles and speeches which have been published in their country and/or written by Gestalt therapists from their country and which deal directly with Gestalt therapy.

The EAGT intends rather to create points of reference for Gestalt therapy literature in Europe than to compile a complete list of publications, which would always be increasing anyway. We would like to spread the net and various reference points regarding whom to address in order to obtain which information about literature.

Any reader of this page can send references of books and articles on Gestalt therapy, which have been published, in her/his country.

Please include the following information when you mention any publication:

  • Author(s);
  • Title;
  • Date;
  • Place of Publication;
  • Publisher.

You can send your information to our office manager, Wilma Trip. Contact address info@eagt.org

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Austrian Bibliography including 2016

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