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According to section 9 of the Training standards of EAGT supervisors in training institutes have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Holder of an EAGT-certificate, ECP or ordinary member of an accredited NOGT;
  • Absolvent of a supervisors-training program which covers minimally 50 hours of teaching about supervision of psychotherapists and 25 hours of hypervision (supervision on supervision of real supervisees that the trainee meets in her/his own practice).
  • If a supervisor has not passed a special supervisors training program, s/he has to have at least 8 years of experience as a Gestalt psychotherapist.

Supervisors continue proving that they are able to combine theory and practice. They show this in public writings (articles in journals and/or books), giving lectures, demonstrations or workshops on congresses.

The TSC of EAGT accredits Supervisor training programs of EAGT accredited Training Institutes or NOGT’s if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Written program about the content of the theory of the minimally required 50 hours of teaching in the Gestalt approach in supervision.
  • If the teaching also contains theory of other modality-approaches, this has to be additional to the minimal 50 hours in Gestalt approach.
  • Minimally 25 hours of hypervision (supervision on supervision) in individual or group setting.
  • The teachers and hypervisors are experienced supervisors with at last 5 years experience as supervisors of psychotherapists or trainees. They are EAGT ordinary members.
  • At least two trainers are involved in the supervisor training program

Member organisations of EAGT that offer such a training program accredited by EAGT are allowed to mention in their advertisements and descriptions of the program, that it’s accredited by EAGT.

The accreditation of supervisors’ trainings is valid under the condition that the institute is an accredited EAGT Ordinary member and its re-accreditation is delivered with the re-accreditation of the training institute.

Therapists who have successfully passed such an accredited program can get a certificate as EAGT accredited supervisor, if they are EAGT members. EAGT will publish on its website a list of accredited supervisors for psychotherapy.

Grandparenting procedure:

Supervisors who are you at least for 8 years an Ordinary member of EAGT or of an accredited NOGT and have not passed such a program, but fulfil the criteria of having at least 8 years of psychotherapy-practice, and can prove that they are accepted as supervisor by an EAGT-TI or a NOGT and can prove that they are able to combine theory and practice of gestalt therapy in writings or presentations in conferences, can also apply for a supervisor certificate.

All EAGT accredited supervisors ask for re-accreditation every 5 years in showing that they are still EAGT-members and active as supervisors and presenting themselves to the public in teaching, writing or participation in conferences.

Applications for a supervisor certificate will be addressed to the office of EAGT. The fee for accreditation and reaccreditation is € 50,-.

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