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Accreditation of training programs for Gestalt Therapy Supervisors

According to section 9 of the Training standards of EAGT, supervisors in training institutes have to fulfil the following criteria:

The TSC of EAGT will accredit a training program for Supervisors only when it takes place in a Training Institutes or a NOGT’s whose Gestalt Training Program was accredited, provided it fulfils the following criteria:

  1. The institute submits a written program that describes the content and structure of the program that includes:
    • At least 75 hours of theory and practice of supervision in Gestalt Therapy
    • If the teaching also contains theory of other modality-approaches, this has to be additional to the minimal 50 hours in Gestalt approach
    • At least 120 hours of practical/simulation training in the supervision of psychotherapists
    • At least 50 hours of hyper-vision (supervision on supervision) in individual or group settings
    • The program is spread over at least 18 months, during which the trainees meet at least three times for training and hypervision
    • The program includes one or more written comprehensive work and a structured evaluation process that is known to the trainees

    1.1 The trainers and hypervisors are accredited supervisors of EAGT or NOGT for at least eight years.
    They have at least 5 years of experience as supervisors of Gestalt psychotherapists and/or are trainers in an accredited Training Program for Gestalt therapy.
    At least two trainers who are EAGT accredited supervisors are continually involved in the training program.

    1.2 Accredited Institutes that offer such training programs may mention in their advertisements and descriptions of the program, that it’s accredited by EAGT.

    1.3 The accreditation of Supervisors Training programs is valid under the condition that the institute is accredited by EAGT.

    1.4 The re-accreditation is delivered with the re-accreditation of the Training institute.

    1.5 Graduates who are full members of EAGT or their NOGT who have successfully completed all their obligations at the program, are entitled for a certificate and their names will be added to the list of accredited supervisors published on EAGT’s website.

  2. Trainers of a Supervision Training Program
    Trainers at a program that trains therapists to become supervisors have to fulfil the following criteria:

    • Be full member of EAGT or ordinary member of an accredited NOGT for at least five years
    • Graduate of a supervisors training program which lasted at least 18 months
    • The program was led by at least two accredited supervisors
    • 75 hours of theoretical teaching about supervision of psychotherapists
    • 120 hours of practical training in supervision of psychotherapists
    • 50 hours of hyper-vision (supervision on supervision) of real supervisees that the trainer meets in her/his own practice

    If a supervisor is not graduate of a training program for supervisors s/he has to:

    • Be a full member of EAGT ECP or ordinary member of an accredit NOGT for at least eight years*
    • Have at least eight years of proven experience as a Gestalt therapist
    • Be a staff member of a training institute for at least five years
    • Submit proof for their professional practical – and theoretical public activity. Writing articles in journals and/or books, giving lectures, demonstrations or workshops on congresses.
    • Submit recommendations from at least two accredited EAGT members who know their work as supervisors from first hand experience.
  3. Accreditation of Supervisors
    The accreditation of supervisors can be achieved in one of the following ways:

    3.1 Be a graduate of an accredited training program for supervisors
    3.2 The candidate is a full member of EAGT, or NOGT at least eight years, and can answer to the following criteria:

    • Has practiced at least five years as supervisor in an accredited Training Institute

    • Was continuously supervised by at least two accredited Gestalt supervisors for at least five years

    The candidate has to submit two written recommendations from EAGT accredited Gestalt supervisors who know his/her work from first-hand experience
    3.3 Grand Parenting procedure:
    Candidates are full members of EAGT and/or of an accredited NOGT for at least 5 years.
    They have worked for at least 5 years as an accredited Gestalt therapist /supervisors of EAGT or an accredited NOGT and can prove an ongoing participation in professional activities, including supervision in an accredited institute, presenting and participating in seminars/lectures/conferences etc.
    They can prove that they are accepted as supervisor by and EAGT-TI or a NOGT and can prove that they are able to combine theory and practice of Gestalt therapy in writings or presentations in conference can also apply for a supervisor certificate.
    They have to submit two written recommendations from accredited Gestalt supervisors who know the candidates
    work from first-hand experience.

All EAGT accredited supervisors are re-accredited every 5 years in showing that they are still EAGT-members and active as supervisors and presenting themselves to the public in teaching, writing or participation in conferences.

Applications for a supervisor certificate will be addressed to the office of EAGT. The fee for accreditation and re-accreditation is €50,-.

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