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 Membership fee in Euros per year  
 Membership individuals (Associate Student)  € 20,-*
 Membership individuals (Retired Gestalt Practitioners) € 30,- 
 Membership individuals (Associate, Cooperative) € 65,-
 Membership individuals (Eastern European Countries) € 75,- 
 Membership individuals & Gestalt Practitioners in Organization (Ordinary) € 90,- 
 Double Membership (GT & GPO) € 120,- 
 Membership organizations (AM / CM <= 150 and Eastern European Countries) € 200,- 
 Membership organizations (AM / CM >150 <= 500) € 450,- 
 Membership organizations (AM / CM > 500)  € 800,-
 Membership organizations (OM <= 150) € 300,- 
 Membership organizations (OM >150 <=500) € 750,- 
 Membership organizations (OM > 500) € 1000,- 
*the entry fee is € 20,- per year with a maximum of 4 calendar years and will then automatically be converted into associate membership which comes to € 65,- per year 



In addition to the above listed organizational membership fee;

NOGT’s will pay € 30,= - on top of the organization membership fee - per year to cover registration- and re-registration costs.

Your membership fee can be paid per credit card via the PayPal button below. Please do not forget to type your membership number in the description field titled

Your membership number !

For all other payments (accreditation fee, EWAO form, donations etc.) please type your name or the name of the concerning organisation and reason for payment in the description field titled

Your membership number !

Internet banking payments are free of charge if the transfer goes from one SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) bank to another SEPA bank. EAGT has an account at a SEPA bank. 








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