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Apply for new membership:

Welcome. We appreciate a lot that you want to become a member of our association. Please see below for the different kinds of registration and application forms. If it is not clear for you what form you should use, please contact our office on info@eagt.org . Please read the word documents , and prepare necessary documents and certificates before uploading with the online forms. Also read about our training standards here .


Application Link to online form 

Application forms in Word formats 

 Paper forms , are same in content and proceses, but different in form.  Please help us by using online forms. 

Application Associate student member 


 Application Student Member 


 Only online forms available

Application Individual member in Associate membership


 Application Associate Member


Application Individual member Gestalt Therapist, trained at institute with accredited training program 


 Registration and file upload


Application Individual member Gestalt Therapist, trained at institute without accredited training program  


 Registration and file upload


Application for Supervisor, requires Gestalt Therapist membership 


 a. from Accredited Institute

 b. from non Accredited Institute


Re-Registration form Gestalt Therapist

 a.  after 5 years of membership 

 b. Every 5 years thereafter 

Application for Gestalt Practitioners in Organization


 Registration for GPO


 All GPO Forms


Re-accreditation form GPO


ReAccreditation form GPO


Application for Training Institute 


 1. Registration

 2. Form and file upload


 Training Institute 

Application for Professional Organization



 1. Registration

 2. Form and file upload


 Forms and questionares
Application for NOGT


 1. Registration

 2. Form and file upload


 Forms NOGT


 For registered  members, additional files can be uploaded here :


Form and file upload when requested, for current registered members.



Remember you have to  include a translation to English for everything that is not in English. But you can translate with your own words, and we love it when we get a word file, with a picture of your certificate , and a translation in your words below.  

You receive an email verifying your registration.






























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