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   Renata Mizerska – President

  (renata.mizerska@eagt.org )

 She is a trained psychologist, EAGT/PTPG certified Gestalt therapist working in a private practice and at the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, Poland. Her training includes Gestalt therapy, mindfulness, self-compassion and change management. She holds two Master's degrees.

Throughout her career she has worked in diverse areas of business, health care and well-being. During her Gestalt training she strongly engaged in initiating and developing the Gestalt Meetings and since then supports the Gestalt community in Poland, actually as President both of the PTPG (Polish Association for Gestalt Therapy) and the Polish Psychotherapy Council - Federation of 17 associations. 

She is passionate about delivering workshops and trainings, that make a difference to the health & well-being of people, enthusiastic about the idea of integration and application of research to therapies. She knows from her own experience that if proceed on a particular course with energy and conviction, then impossible is made possible. Since September 2015 she is a member of the EC. 



Jack van Liesdonk – Vice-President / Treasurer 

jack.van.liesdonk@eagt.org )

He is living and working in the east of the Netherlands as an EAGT certified gestalt therapist in a private practice for gestalt therapy, couple-therapy, family-therapy and as consultant. Educated first as mechanical engineer he started working and studying in youth care and is graduated as pedagogue and social work. Received his training in gestalt at Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt and graduated at Middlesex University in 2004. He is a registered psychotherapist (ECP) in the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). He worked as trainer and consultant in youth support organizations up to 1996.

Then he became director of an organization for community development and welfare until 2012. He contributed in several boards of foundations and associations (Amnesty, Fair trade, Scouting, theatre), was board member of gestalt trainings institute NSG and president of Netherlands and Flemish Belgium NOGT the NVAGT. Leader of gestalt workshops in the Netherlands, Madrid and Marrakech (WCP).

He is married and feels strongly connected with his son and daughter who live with their friends. Is interested in developments in mental health care and their organizations. Loves (and plays) theatre and enjoys cooking a big dinner.




Monika Siedlak-Pęczek - Secretary  


She is a trained psychologist, EAGT/PTPG certified Gestalt therapist, who works in a private practice in Warsaw, Poland. Her training includes Gestalt therapy, human resource management, coaching and personal development. She holds master’s degrees in psychology. 

She has worked for the first 15 years of professional practice in the area of HR in field of sales and customer service, development and assessment of competences and mental toughness.For some time she worked in business in parallel, studied and started a psychotherapeutic practice in hospital, foundations, psychotherapy centres and finally opened her own practice.

In December 2017, she was elected Secretary General of the PTPG and since then support the Gestalt community in Poland. 

She loves the idea of getting to know each other and working closely as a team. She knows from her own experience that consistency, commitment, and perseverance allow you to achieve a lot.



  litle Pico Vila D photo   

 David Pico Vila - NOGT officer & external relations

  (david.pico@eagt.org )

David is a certified and accredited gestalt therapist and general health psychologist working in private practice in València, Spain. He has a PhD in Computer Science and he is a –currently part-time– associate professor in Universitat Politècnica de València.  He has training and professional experience as a classical pianist and singer. He is very interested in the contemporary theoretical developments of gestalt therapy and in the therapeutic work on expression. His research and writings in gestalt therapy have dealt with different kinds of performance anxiety, the use of the voice in psychotherapy and the online practice of gestalt therapy. He has an intense activity as trainer and supervisor. He is a faculty member in Centre Gestalt València.

He has put his technical expertise about web design at the service of gestalt therapy, contributing with the company Luthiers De Webs to the development of outstanding websites that make gestalt therapy resources available worldwide, such as Gestaltnet.net, currently the most important open resource in Spanish about gestalt therapy, and other websites for different international gestalt therapy and psychotherapy entities.

  Michal Lewandowski  

Michał Lewandowski – Chair of Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations

( michal.lewandowski@eagt.org )

Michal combines organisational consulting, training and coaching activities with psychotherapeutic practice.Affiliated with the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. Founder and leader of the School of Gestalt Practitioners in Organizations in Poland. 

"Mature and emotionally resilient individuals form effective teams. At the same time, a system such as a team or organization is able to strengthen or weaken this individual maturity and resilience, achieve synergy of individuality, or promote their collision or absence. The mechanisms behind it often determine motivation, creativity, commitment, and satisfaction of people, and as a result, development and even survival of the organization. That is why my interventions cover the individual, th team and organizational levels. It is a fascinating and inspiring process of discovering, correcting, and building together. That's what I do."


Nurith Levi – Chair of Training Standards Committee

nurith.levi@eagt.org ) 

Nurith is a certified and accredited social worker, Gestalt therapist, psychotherapist, family therapist and marriage counselor and an accredited supervisor in these modalities. She is the founder and was the first chairperson of the Israeli NOGT till 2016.

For over 25 years she was senior lecturer at the school of social work at the Tel Aviv and the Be'er-Sheva Universities, and head of the department for Youth Care Work at Beit-Berl collage, where she also served as Dean of Students for 8 years.

Nurith is an experienced Gestalt trainer who works regularly in Israel and throughout Europe as lecturer, trainer, supervisor and therapist. She has been a member of TSC for 5 years prior to chairing it, and is also member of HR&SR committee.

She has authored articles and chapters in the fields of psychotherapy, treatment of children and youth at risk and family therapy that are all inspired and influenced by her thinking and living Gestalt.

She is on the regular staff of 4 European Gestalt institutes and is counseling root grass training institutes in their initial planning and creative thinking process.

She lives and works in a suburb of Tel-Aviv, where she runs a private clinic.

She is the proud mother of four and grandmother of nine darlings.

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