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Our committee consists of 5 persons. We are being elected by the EAGT members for a period of 3 years. We can be re-elected two more times with a maximum of 9 years.

Our Activities

We are responsible for the execution of the EAGT code of ethics. In this code the basics of our professional ethics are described. The client-therapist relationship, being not an equal relation but a relationship with special responsibilities, skills and obligations for the therapist, needs to be characterized and protected as well as we can. This also goes for the relationships in personal therapy and supervision of training institutes. All this is elaborated in the EAGT code of ethics.

Of course this code is ‘just ‘our touchstones, it is no set of commandments. So it is not a document that stays the same forever; every 5 years EAGT members can make proposals to revise the code. Most recently this happened in 2015.

Executing this code means also that we process and scrutinize the codes that are designed and developed by our colleagues of the European NOGTs, professional organizations and training institutes. This means corresponding with a lot of colleagues and also discussing important matters, like adapting the Appeals and Arbitration procedures to the national situation, or the issue whether the board of a NOGT should or should not be involved in a complaint procedure.

Consulting service

EAGT ethics committee can be consulted about all kind of issues concerning the ethics of our profession by officers, members, students and clients. In case of a conflict, first the possibility of mediation is investigated by our Complaints Committee. In case of a formal complaint, this committee is responsible for a good and reliable settling of affairs.

In EAGT as such we do a lot of work reflecting on our procedures, discussing how to deal with our roles, evaluating our work. EAGT ethics committee plays a role here.

Members EAGT Ethics Committee

Veronica Klingemann - Germany (Chair)

Hélène Fellman - Norway

Elpida Kalaitzi – Greece

Nina Kolanovic - Croatia  

Rosanna Catinella - United Kingdom 

Silvia Alaimo - Italy



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