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About EAGT Research committee

Considering the need of research in psychotherapy today, the EAGT decided to set up a Research committee in order to support the development of research in the European Gestalt community.

The EAGT Research committee was founded in 2008 from the initiative of Peter Schulthess, who became the first chair of the committee (Gianni Francesetti and Jan Roubal became then the next chairs). Members of the committee are listed down on this page.

Why is research important for Gestalt therapy

We consider research as a fundamental focus for Gestalt practitioners for many reasons nowadays. It is a way to:

  • explore and share the processes we encounter our daily practice
  • validate and discuss our results in different contexts
  • find a common language with other psychotherapy approaches
  • experiment new creative ways to expand our theory and practice
  • establish Gestalt therapy well among other leading psychotherapy approaches

Our aims

We are happy there is an increasing number of people involved in research among Gestalt therapists recently and EAGT wants to offer a support for them.

The EAGT Research committee works towards these intentions:


  • disseminate communication and information about the research activities of EAGT members
  • collect and make available research projects already made in Gestalt therapy
  • give access to information and advice about the contemporary parameters and actual research projects that might be appropriate for Gestalt therapists suitable for every-day practice


  • support interest in research among Gestalt therapy practitioners and encourage them to do research
  • promote and support new research projects in Gestalt therapy
  • develop own research projects with the support of the EAGT


  • o give information and assist access to existing Gestalt therapy literature databases and support members to make good use of these resources
  • o help in the publishing of articles about Gestalt therapy research in psychotherapy research journals


  • o support and encourage research activities: i.e. educational workshops, seminars, and professional meetings, organized by the EAGT or member organizations
  • o support the EAGT Training Standard Committee in the development of the EAGT training standards that will include research issues in psychotherapy training
  • o support continuing professional development relating to Gestalt therapy research
  • o support communication between members of EAGT concerning ethical standards for psychotherapy research


  • o help validate Gestalt approach clinically and scientifically among other psychotherapy approaches
  • o collaborate with other organisations (universities; research societies, etc.) practicing research in psychotherapy

Our past activities

  • We supported the translation of Bernd Bocian’s book on Fritz Perls in Berlin
  • We supported the creation of a book “Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice. From Psychopathology to the Aesthetics of Contact”, edited by Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele, Jan Roubal
  • We made a survey: What gestalt therapists are doing in the field of research.
  • Our members visited the conference „The challenge of establishing a research tradition for Gestalt therapy“ (Cape Cod, 2013)
  • We organized a research seminar during the EAGT conference in Krakow (2013)
  • We organized an educational seminar „Research in Gestalt Therapy: Introducing research methods to Gestalt practitioners” (Rome, 2014). 76 participants from 25 countries. The video presentations from the seminar are available here: http://www.eagt.org/RActivities_detail.htm
  • Our members visited the conference: “The Challenge of Establishing a Research Tradition for Gestalt Therapy, Part Two” (Cape Cod, 2015)

Our on-going activities and those in progress

  • Literature database project (aimed to collect a comprehensive list of Gestalt therapy literature on the EAGT website)
  • Networking Gestalt therapists interested in research (People who are interested in sharing information about research can contact Jan Roubal (jan.roubal.cz@gmail.com) to get access to our one common e-mail adress).
  • Members of our committee are involved in the International Collaborative Project Time-Series, experimental design case studies.
  • We have founded a Gestalt Research Press with the aim to publish books about research in Gestalt therapy.
  • We are planning to publish a book consisting of a wide range of contributions from research conferences with a working title „Towards a Research Tradition in Gestalt Therapy“
  • We are working on the update and translation of the Uwe Stuempfel´s overview of a research already done in Gestalt therapy.
  • We are announcing Award for young researchers, who will present their research at the EAGT conference in Taormina 2016 (the proposals can be sent to: researchaward@taorminaconference2016.com )
  • We are taking part in a preparation of the Third International Gestalt Research Conference in Paris in 2017

Committee members:

Vincent Beja

Michele Cannavò

Gianni Francesetti

Jan Roubal (chair) jan.roubal.cz@gmail.com

Peter Schulthess

Ivana Vidakovic

Jelena ┼Żeleskov Djoric

contact address of this committee: info@eagt.org

Scientific board members:

Phil Brownell

- editor of Gestalt Research Press http://gestaltresearchpress.org/

- coordinator of Single Case, Timed Series Design research activities)

Christine Stevens

- coordinator of CORE research activities

Peter Schulthess

- coordinator of collaboration with the research activities of the European Association for Psychotherapy

Mailing list:

If you would like to be included into the EAGT Research Committee mailing list and receive and share information, write to Jan Roubal ( jan.roubal.cz@gmail.com ).

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