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The creation of minimum Training Standards for Gestalt therapy must be seen against the background of the professionalization of psychotherapy across Europe, specifically the recent dramatic increase in the number of local, national, and European organizations for psychotherapy concerned with establishing standards of training and ethical practice.

The credibility of Gestalt therapy as a competent and ethical approach to the healing of human suffering and to personality development requires similar attention to be given to the establishment of high standards of training and ethical practice.

The EAGT after intensive research and consultation has consented to minimal criteria for training in Gestalt therapy in order to accommodate the wide diversity of social and cultural conditions in Europe in which Ge¬stalt therapy is being developed.

All training institutes who are members of EAGT are granted up to five years to bring their trainings up to these requirements. All EAGT members, as well individuals as organizations, must reapply for membership every five years.

Committee members:

Nurith Levi (acting Chair) Contact address: isgta.israel@gmail.com

Silvia Tosi

Ester Neumanova

Olaf Zielke

Dick Lompa



This document is to clarify how EAGT Training Standards are applied by EAGT Training Institutes (TI), National Organizations for Gestalt Therapy (NOGT) and other Professional Organizations that join EAGT.

The first version of this document in 2003 (revised in 2005) for the first time offered TI’s the possibility for a qualified membership. Until the end of 2007 all institutes in ordinary membership had to pass this accreditation procedure. Most of them did, a few of them did prefer to change the category of membership and became a Cooperative Member.

It is now time to revise the document as a consequence of the experience derived from all the accreditation-processes

This document will replace all previously adopted Training Standards. The standards cover all the standards required by EAP the European Association of Psychotherapy. So when Institutes are certified, their graduates will also be eligible for the European Certificate for Psychotherapy.

There are two methods for the accreditation of TI’s:

Institutes can choose,

  1. if they want to become accredited only by EAGT or
  2. if they want to become accredited in the same procedure by EAGT and EAP. EAP-certification can be given only if EAGT gives its certification first.

To facilitate the procedure, the application of a TI, that wants to apply for both accreditations, will be processed by a Gestalt-expert and one of another modality, both members of the pool of experts of EAP. If an Institute wants “only” accreditation by EAGT, two gestalt-experts will process the accreditation.

Details are described later on. The accreditation is processed by the Training Standards Committee (TSC) of EAGT.

The accreditation of NOGT’s (National Organization for Gestalt therapy) and professional organizations describes, what must be fulfilled to obtain accreditation as NOGT or an ordinary membership as professional organization. There will be only 1 NOGT accredited per country, which will represent the qualified gestalt practitioners of a country and be supported by the majority of Gestalt-Training Institutes in the country. The accreditation of NOGT’s is processed by the Chair of NOGT’s in the Executive Committee.

Graduates of accredited TI’s will be facilitated to obtain the certificate of EAGT, if they want to become an individual member. They can fill in the short version of the EAGT application form for individual members. If TI’s are also accredited by EAP, this facilitates also the issuing of an ECP.

Graduates from non accredited institutes will have to document all the elements of their Gestalt education to become an individual member of EAGT or to obtain the ECP.

Accreditation by EAGT has to be renewed every 5 years and EAP every 7 years. EAGT can give an accreditation with some conditions and required time limits. If these measures are not met, accreditation can be withdrawn. Click here if you would like to read the complete document.

Designed by Jaroslav Jira