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The Association was originally founded on May 5th, 1985, in Hückeswagen, Germany as a non-profit organization. In these bylaws it is understood to mean:

  • Bylaw: a law or rule governing the internal affairs of an organisation;
  • the association: The European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), seated In Nieuw Buinen, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen, under number 55854117;
  • the statutes: the statutes of the association, as documented in a deed which passes on August 13th, 2012 at Dijkstra Jansen Bergman notaries in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands;
  • the Executive Committee: the Executive Committee as meant in section 9 of the statutes;
  • the General Board: the General Board as meant in these bylaws (see paragraph the General Board);
  • aims and objectives: aims and objectives as meant in section 2 of the statutes;


The policy is documented in a policy plan:

  • this policy plan will annually be updated and renewed.
  • Each new version of the policy plan will be affected at the time the plan was approved by the general meeting of members (GMM).
  • The policy plan contains (or is complemented) with an annual plan and an annual budget.

The General Board

The General Board is the governing board of EAGT. The board consists of both the members of the Executive Committee, the representatives of National Associations of Gestalt Therapy (NOGTs) and chairs of committees.

  • The General Board leads the policy of EAGT and follows the aims of the Association and the decisions of the Meeting of the Members. It gives the Executive Committee guidelines for executing EAGT’s policy.
  • The General Board shall consist of the delegates of National Associations of Gestalt Therapy (NOGTs), the Executive Committee and chairs of committees. The delegates of the NOGTs are appointed by them (NOGT’s). It
    is expected that the delegates stay at least for a period of 3 years, to give to the board continuity, but with a maximum 9 years.
  • The General Board meetings shall be convened if the interest of the Association shall so demand (at least once per year), or if one third of its members shall demand convening in writing, indicating the purpose thereof and reasons therefore.
  • The General Board is chaired by the President in her/his absence by the vice-president.
  • The General Board shall adopt its resolutions by way of a simple majority and shall devise its own rules of procedure.
  • The NOGT representative and the chair of a committee are Ordinary members of EAGT.

Tasks and competences of General Board members:

  • Is an active participant of the ‘Think Tank’ function of the General Board. o Is actively involved in collaboratively mapping out policy and executing it.
  • Is the linking chain between the organisations at national level and EAGT on European level.
  • Represents organisations at national level within the board of EAGT and is capable to make a translation turn on European level.
  • Is informed of developments in the field of Gestalt therapy and/or GPO at national level as well to content as to politics.
  • Is the ‘face’ of EAGT at national level.
  • Promotes EAGT to Gestalt therapists and GPO’s and inspires them to become a member of EAGT.
  • Informs the NOGT about EAGT vacancies and proposes and/or puts forward persons for these vacancies.

Tasks and competences of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

  • Governs and represents the association;
  • Takes management decisions (see section management decisions in these bylaws)
  • Assists, maintains and develops policy and is actively involved with that, in collaboration with other members of Executive Committee;
  • Coordinates committees within EAGT;
  • Supports as necessary, other members of the Executive Committee;
  • Is informed of the developments in the field of Gestalt therapy on European level and is capable to contribute to that;
  • Promotes EAGT to Gestalt therapists and Gestalt practitioners in organisations and inspires them to become a member of EAGT;
  • Only legal persons may be seated in the Executive Committee;
  • The Executive Committee members shall be elected for 3 years. They shall remain in office until new elections have taken place. Re-election shall be permitted for a maximum of 2 periods (with a maximum of 9 years).
  • Appoints an employee;
  • Is liable for the occurring activities of the employee during the working time;
  • Provides the employee with good working circumstances.
  • Are individual full members of EAGT.
  • Represents the EAGT on a European level within the EAP, and other important professional and political organisations and groups, relevant to pursuit of the purposes and goals of EAGT.

The entire document can be found in the Downloads section.

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