European Association for Gestalt Therapy


To become an ordinary member as TI you can fill in the questionnaire (click here) and can become associate member when the accreditation procedure is in process with the intention to become an ordinary member.

It is recommended to read the training standards paper (click here) before filling in the questionnaire.


EAGT criteria explained:

A minimum of 4 years of training = 1.450 hours

Describe the entrance level in your educational program for psychotherapists (minimum: bachelor in the field of helping professions or equivalent).

250 hours of personal psychotherapeutic experience (at least 50 hours have to be done in individual setting).

600 hours of theory or methodology - including psychopathology – in accordance with the usual standards of the modality

400 hours of clinical practice with patients: - either within a mental or social health setting, or equivalent - either with individual clients/patients, families or groups, under regular supervision

150 hours of supervision of therapies with real patients.

50 hours personal preference (free choice)

There are two methods for the accreditation of TI’s:

Institutes can choose,

1) if they want to become accredited only by EAGT or

2) if they want to become accredited in the same procedure by EAGT and EAP. EAP-certification can be given only if EAGT gives its certification first.

To facilitate the procedure, the application of a TI, that wants to apply for both accreditations, will be processed by a Gestalt-expert and one of another modality, both members of the pool of experts of EAP. If an Institute wants ‘only’ accreditation by EAGT, two gestalt-experts will process the accreditation.


The accreditation is processed by the Training Standards Committee (TSC) of EAGT.


Below the accreditation procedure in a nutshell:

1. EAGT-accreditation of educational programs in Gestalt therapy can only occur under the responsibility of the EAGT¹

2. The final accreditation is a decision of the EAGT Training Standards Committee (TSC)

3. The TSC decides on the written advise of the NOGT, if there is one.

4. In the case of a conflict, the Board of the EAGT decides.

5. The Training Standard Committee is appointed by the meeting of Members of the EAGT.

6. The NOGT can form a committee for accreditation of institutes. The TSC will be involve this committee into the accreditation process of TI’s. If there is no such committee, the Board of the NOGT will be consulted.

7. The TI asks for accreditation by sending the documentation and answers to the questionnaire (see appendix 2 of training standards paper click here) to the EAGT-office in 4 copies. From there, this will be forwarded to the Chair of the TSC and to the 2 members of the Visiting Committee (VC). All written information must be in English .

8. If an Institute wants to be accredited by EAP at the same time, it sends 2 copies to EAGT and 3 copies of the documents to the secretary of EAP. They will forward one to each visitor appointed by the TAC (Training Accreditation Committee) of EAP.

9. There has to be a formal face to face visitation of the Institution. This visitation has to be done by two experts. One appointed by the NOGT, one appointed by the ETSC. This visitation committee (VC) discusses the material, asks for explanation and clarification. This committee speaks with the director of the Institution, the trainers and the trainees. If the accreditation of EAP is wanted also, the visitors will be appointed by the TAC of EAP. One will be from the same country, the other one from abroad. One will represent Gestalt therapy, the other one another modality.

10. The VC makes a formal report. This report contains the evaluation of the materials and the face-to-face dialogue by the Trainees, Training staff and Director of the Institute. The VC can propose conditions, make recommendations and offer suggestions. The report is to be sent to the NOGT if there is one. They send it to the TSC, which will decide on the accreditation. If EAP-accreditation also is requested, the report will be sent first to the NOGT and then to the TSC, which will decide on behalf of EAGT, and then to the TAC, which will decide on behalf of EAP. EAGT and EAP eventually can give an accreditation under certain conditions. Conditions will be described and have to be fulfilled within a defined time limit. If not, the accreditation can be withdrawn.

11. Accreditation when given is valid for 5 years. After 5 years the accreditation has to be renewed.

12. The final document of accreditation will be sent by the office manager of the EAGT. The accreditation of EAP from the EAP headoffice.

13. All the documents of the accreditation process will be stored in the Archive of Training Institutes at the EAGT Office (and EAP).

14. A TI that asks for accreditation and is not yet member of the EAGT immediately can become an associate member of EAGT.

15. Only Institutes that are accredited, become ordinary members of EAGT. TI’s that are in the process of accreditation can ask for associate membership. TI’s that do not intend to get accreditation, but want to be in a cooperative relation with EAGT can ask for cooperative membership.


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