European Association for Gestalt Therapy



Section 1


Name, registered office of the Association

1. The Association bears the name “European Association for Gestalt Therapy” (EAGT). It’s entered in the Register of Associations (Vereinsregister).
2. The registered office of the Association is Belgium, Geel.


Section 2


Aims and Objectives

1. The Association was founded on 5th May, 1985, in Hückeswagen, Germany. It’s a non-profit organization that aims to unite into a common association Gestalt psychotherapists, Gestalt Therapy training institutes and Gestalt therapy national organizations in Europe.
2. The Association and its applicants shall have the following objects:

a. The union of Gestalt therapy societies, associations and federations from different European nations;
b. The union of persons, organizations and institutions active in Europe in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy and its applications;
c. The dissemination of Gestalt therapy and its forms of application in research and doctrine in the European area and abroad;
d. Promotion of academic and cooperative exchange between Gestalt therapists in European nations and abroad, and between the national professional associations;
e. Promotion of the legitimacy of Gestalt therapy in Europe;
f. Promotion of exchange between educational institutions and clinical establishment for Gestalt therapy;
g. The development of comparable standards and curricula for Gestalt therapists in the European area and the devising of joint training standards;
h. Public relations, and health and professional initiatives on a supranational level, in particular on European committees;
i. Cooperation with other psychotherapeutic approaches, associations and institutions.


Section 3


Means for achieving the object of the Association

1. The holding and organization of information and further education events at national and supranational level.
2. The promotion of training possibilities orientated towards the standards of European framework guidelines and the respective national legal provisions and the establishment of a regular conference of Gestalt therapy training institutions.
3. The formation of standing committees and task groups for Gestalt psychotherapy.
4. Publications and the dissemination of scientific works.
5. Exchange and advanced research in relation to the theory and practice of psychotherapy.
6. Representation of interests of the Association with persons or organizations, official bodies, associations, etc.
7. The execution of cooperative projects with institutions, official bodies, associations, etc.
8. The establishment of a regular conference.

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