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Project with Peace Brigades International.

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an international grassroots NGO that has promoted non-violence and protected human rights. The main focus of PBI is international accompaniment, for protecting human rights defenders threatened with violence because of their work, but also peace education. PBI sends international volunteers to areas of conflict, providing protective accompaniment to human rights defenders threatened by political violence, and also facilitate other peace-building initiatives. Currently PBI has volunteers in Columbia, Guatemala, Indonesian, Mexico and Guatemala ( ).


PBI and HR&SR Committee of the EAGT exchanged the objectives and working fields of both organisations and the services needed for PBI. PBI has developed minimum standards for providing emotional support for volunteers in the different phases of voluntary work: preparation, field work and reintegration in their own situation. EAGT and her members want to offer this emotional support in various directions.

 a. Buddy training ex volunteers.

After two year field work ex volunteers have much experience in dealing with unsafe, stress and traumatic situations. They can play an important role for new volunteers in the briefing, field work and debriefing phase of the voluntary work. HR&SR Committee will develop a buddy training for ex volunteers. Basis communication skills, dealing with emotions and basic principles of counselling will be trained by EAGT Gestalt therapists. It is planned to carry out a first pilot of two day training in Switzerland in June 2010.

 b. Professional emotional support.

PBI needs a network of professional volunteers that make themselves available and be willing to be contacted either e-mail or telephone while a volunteer is on a team or after they have left the team, for up to ten sessions. Currently HR&SR Committee makes a list of certificated Gestalt therapist who is willing to make themselves available. It is planned to make the list available at the beginning of 2010.

c. Team coaching in the field.

PBI volunteers work and live in the field for 24 hours a day in a team with less privacy and under stress and unsafe circumstances. External support from a professional in the mental health field is urgent in some projects of PBI (Nepal) were PBI cannot provide this.  HR&SR resolved to send experienced Gestalt therapist into the field to give this support to volunteers. It is planned to bring 2 Gestalt therapists into the field in 2010 and 2011.