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The Annual General Meeting for members will be held at September 22nd , 2016 (from 9:00 till 12:30) in Taormina, Sicily, Italy at HILTON GIARDINI NAXOS Viale Jannuzzo 47, 98035 I  Giardini Naxos  I  Italy

Invitation Taromina 2016

Draft minutes Taormina 2015

Financial Report 2015

Compilation Report 2015

AGM docs to be voted on

Astrid Duschenschon - Ethics Committee candidacy

Kate Glenholmes - Complaints Committee candidacy

Kate Glenholmes CV

Veronica Klingemann - Ethics Committee candidacy

Renata Mizerska - NOGT Officer candidacy

Renata Mizerska CV




If you would like to receive a complete financial report just write your name and complete address in an email and type in the subject financial report, to our office manager Marga, and she will see to it you will receive a complete report.


The EAGT Newsletter is a tool to let members know what’s going on in the General Board. It is also a tool for several Committees and working groups of the EAGT.
But where you, our individual and organisational members and/or similar organisations, aware of the possibility we also sell space in our Newsletter for advertisements? You can advertise for instance for a seminar, conference or a new education program (just to give you an idea).
Some details about printing your copy:
EAGT does not accept any responsibility for the advertisement(s) and irregularities are reserved, we also reserve the right to say NO to unacceptable and/or indecent advertisements, we nor our advertisers and editor are liable for misprints of any advertisement(s).
If you would like to advertise in our Newsletter you can e-mail your advertisement to our office manager, Marga, her email address is:


Please also inform EAGT of the change of address so you will stay informed. A short email with as well the old and the new address will do the trick. Again mail to Marga: