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Support in Official Recognition:

EAGT has supported Gestalt community in Poland in it´s effort to establish Gestalt therapy as officially recognized and respected approach in Poland. EAGT research committee has collected documents that substantiate the position of Gestalt therapy. These documents are collected here and available for Gestalt therapists who would face a simmilar challenge in their countries.

Jan Roubal (chair of the EAGT Research Committee), 2013-06-19

    Gestalt therapy effectiveness comparisons (2)
    Letter Brownell Regarding Research
    Letter Evans regarding GT
    Letter from the Editors of GTCP
    Letter to Poland 27032013
    Research publications to 2012_Gestalt therapy
    Strumpfel Research on Gestalt Therapy
    Robert Elliott´s review of the book Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice

APA Resolution Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness
Psychotherapy Research Grants 2014



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